All saints traditional fair, 30th October – 01st November ????. (Covid ban lifted, celebrating for the first time in two years!!)

This traditional fair is in a town, quite close to me this weekend !

It is a town named Concentaina, which has been hosting this wonderful grand fair which dates back to 1346, Concentaina has a population of 12.000 people, the fair originated in the middle ages, and has been documented since 1346, when permission was granted by Pedro II & IV de Aragon, this was from that date known as a privilege “Previlegio de la Feria” .

During 1671 till 1795 the fair suffered various date changes, but since 1795 it is always celebrated including the date 1st November, the day of National Fiesta All Saints, a day to pay respect to the people we have lost and are no longer with us, all the cemeteries in Spain have the most spectacular flower and plant arrangements.

The fair will officially commence at 10.30 a.m. with the act of the Mayor declaring the fair officially open, The official program offers many spectacular events, one of the main one’s being the equestrian Show, displaying beautiful horses from throughout Spain, displaying there skills.Apart from the main fair there is an excellent commercial presence of Automobiles, agricultural machinery and live stock.There are approx., 200 different events including dance, theater, circus acts, music, birds of prey etc., 

They expect to receive 400.000 visitors, with over 800 different stalls and attractions of exhibitors. (A wonderful opportunity to lauch a new business as people travel from all over Spain to this event) Here are some older pictures of the fair:-






As you can see these pictures are pretty old, and things have changed in a big way ! The fair now covers 110.000 sqm ………..

Here is a video, that is more up to date, it will give you more of a feel for the today events…………….

The fair also hosts, A Medieval Market, Jewish quarters and food and an Arabian Zoco, all draped in typical fabrics and tradition. You can find all traditional food known to the area, cheese, cafe liquor , cold meats ,dried fruits, and much more, the rest of Spain is also present with the stalls of Spanish exhibitors from all over the Spanish mainland, this area of the province of Alicante is well-known for the textile industry. 

As many visitors make the weekend of it, they also visit, The Palace of Condal, Museo Arqueologico & Etnologico, Casa Museo de Fiestas de Moros & Cristians. They can also visit the Natural Park Sierra de Mariola or the Natural Park Font Rocha. And of course there are many restaurants in the surrounding villages and mountains. 

I really do live in an remarkable area ! Hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the “Feria de Todos los Santos”


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