images (4) Friday dance

Really come on, I’m serious, get dancing, its that Day yet again, how did it get here so quick !! But, lets dance, by dancing we can achieve great muscle tone, become stronger, stay flexible, dancing has so many benefits and its such a pleasure to do, when we set a fitness routine, lots of us just can’t face it, although we should ! A great work out with music is great, so if you belong to the group of (let me find an excuse!!) this could be for you, just play your favourite music and dance your little feet of, you can do it alone, or you can join a dance class and make new friends, make it a social event, or just dance happily around your home.

It is also fantastic for those fighting the scales, diet after diet and the exercise part is letting you down, then, dance those kilos away, it is a great way to lose weight !

The physical and mental benefits are also outstanding, it will reduce your stress levels, it improves the condition of your heart and lungs,you feel forever young makes you happier, smarter. It even builds confidence and helps with skill and stamina, dancing is going to make you a whole lot healthier, so what are you waiting for !!!

descarga (2) Benefits of dancing

Use your days well, this can be done alone or can even be a great fun time with the kids,the dog, your shadow, whatever you choose, remember the choice is always yours…….be happy

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