When we live through a time such as the coronavirus, we slowly start to see what our life is really like, where we would complain about normal everyday circumstances, we suddenly find we are longing for them, and maybe even realize how grateful we should be for what we have…………

Maybe until this point we have taken so many things for granted,but we can hope that this wake-up call, helps us to see things in another light, whether it be things that we do during our day or our friends and family or even work colleagues.

How many of us,have spent hours complaining about our work ,maybe the people we work alongside , the thing is , some of us just complain………is it because we are not happy or living our purpose ,therefore we do not work with our passion.

Have you taken the time, to realize what your family and friends mean to you if you have been in isolation without them, have you managed to control your thoughts and maybe your emotions ,are you understanding what you are feeling and the true feelings you have for these people, have you been able to work through this experience

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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