We are just a few days away from Christmas time, although this is always  a time of joy and happiness, it is also a time, where many of you will start to wonder where your last year has gone, now this could be on a personal relationship level, where you may feel sadness of a lost love or loved one, but we find no matter which one it is, that life goes on and we do survive, with or without that person, they say the biggest difference is that one is certainly final and the other not, some will also argue that one is better than the other, as you only have memories to think of and do not have to face your sadness in a physical form, as could be the case of a lost love, which ever and whatever your opinion may be, you still have to get over either one, whether it be physically or mentally and this will depend on you and how you react and process the situation….. Are easier said than done I hear you say ? But, it is also true, when we talk about our perspective on a subject, to change things we have to change, whether this be in our behaviour or thinking, the sooner we accept a situation the better, this does not mean we miss some one less or have a hard heart, we all suffer in different ways, but the sooner we accept a situation, it allows us to move forward and this is what everyone would and should want from these situations. With acceptance we start to see the world in a different way, also the people around you, and even ourselves, it allows us to pull on our inner strength our power that we store, nothing is clouding are judgement and getting in our way, we have clarity, yes we hurt, we are human, but we are not frozen in time.

time goes by

Now, as you can see what we have here regarding time, is so very true, but do we realise, that for many tomorrow never comes, I do not wish to take a morbid take on this post,but, it is so true that life has many secrets and how long we are here for, is one of them, age, illness or maybe even where we are born do not  come in to this equation, we just never know what is installed for us, so what would be the obvious law of life for us, to do everything possible before we run out of that time. We also know that this is maybe not possible ? so if you thought that this time next year you are not going to be here, what would you put on your list, I am not talking about a full-blown bucket list, as many of us would like to tour the world etc., or something of the like, I am talking about straight forward simple things that life has thrown at us or could, is there someone you have wronged and would like to make a right, something you would like to do for someone, it could just be words it does not have to be a physical job, do you know how many of us are incapable of saying I Love You, how simple is that three words, and they are the three words that could mean more to someone than anything else in the world,treat others how you would wish to be treated  so try to live by the rule of never leave anything for tomorrow, that you can deal with today, as that tomorrow may never arrive, our lives are full of plans, we all have plans but not all of us manage to live those plans, due to no fault of our own, sometimes we just don’t have all the time in the world !!

time goes by 2

Now, on a professional level, you will have set goals that you will be looking at closely these days, as the year is coming to an end, some you may have accomplished and some you may not, however I am a great personal believer that everything happens for a reason, I am not sure what they may be at certain times, even in my personal life, but I do believe that is so, and I also believe that we are never sent anything we cannot handle, again I am not sure why, I have had some very strong situations in recent years and I still try to reason with the why, however I am sure it will be revealed to me at some stage, now for those of you that have not obtained all your goals do not lose the faith you have in yourself, you can do it, and if you have not, there will be a good valid reason for this,not an excuse, they are not accepted, but a valid reason you just have to try to see it, now or in the future….you can achieve whatever you want in this life, you must believe in yourself, you must make the most of the time you have, never waste time, time is truly if the essence…..it never stops and it never waits for us, we have to go with the flow and act at every possible opportunity we have, this is what we need to learn now, to act at any given moment.

time goes by 3

Take time and use it well ❤

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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