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So how do we develop this amazing tool we have already, that will help us to make the right decisions, once you unlock this little secret you will start to save time and energy on decision-making. Your inner power, your deep intuition will guide you all the way, once you start to listen, allowing you to make the correct choice. 

Can you remember making bad decisions, I know it is not easy to face up to this, but, you need to remember how bad you felt through wrong decision-making, the ones that have given you pain and suffering, taking the wrong job, the wrong relationship, just bring them back for a second, and then ask yourself if you would make the same decision again. By doing this you are giving yourself the opportunity to listen to your inner self, imagine it is jumping up and down to get your attention, don’t ignore it !! listen, it’s guiding you back to your true self and attempting to get you to not make a bad decision again, but again you have to listen !! To do this you have to backtrack, hence the remembering, you can’t change this as you know, we can never change the past, but we can learn from it. All your uncomfortable moments and bad present situations can be changed into positive experiences, but you have to be brave enough to see them for what they are, you need to put yourself under the magnifying glass.

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You now need to find a quiet place or come back to this later. Write down all your unhappy moments and things you are not happy about right now, including all your biggest mistakes, it is best to be alone for this as it can leave you emotionally drained. It could even make you cry and move feelings you may have long forgotten, this would be normal tears are a sign of connecting with your inner self. As you work through this the more you write the more of a connection you will make, deep down inside, you will start to see how you made those decisions in the past. You need to take your time with this, breathe and give time for things to sink in, if you rush you will not get the benefit of your true inner power, this is a time to invest in yourself with time and energy. This is a task of true one to one work, no lies, the whole truth, it’s your opportunity to speak very openly with yourself, this is just you and the piece of paper! This is really personal, so be personal, everything has to go down, be sincere with yourself.

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To really get to grips with your inner self, you must be honest, it is an exercise of honesty, it is an exercise that has great value and is a wonderful way to find out what really is getting at you. The more time you give past decisions, the lighter you will feel on completion, you will feel the relief.


The world’s greatest achievers practiced introspection —so can you ” 


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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