What is it , about outside dinning, that Al Fresco sensation………a beautiful table and impressive decor and food, and at times the more simple the more appealing it is, this summer season  celebrate with your friends and family in style, good fresh simple food, when you eat outside, some how the food tastes even better than normal.

dining al fresco 1

The moment we start to prepare the area we have decided on to hold are little get together, the excitement starts, I love to decorate my terrace or garden for a special event, I know it is an invitation sent out with love, full of love, that goes into the cooking of the food and setting the lovely mood for the gathering, the colours we choose the fragrance of the candles everything we do we do with love, you gain as much pleasure from arranging the setting as the person who is invited. I like to choose the food which is going to give me as much free time with my guests as possible, a great choice is always a BBQ, especially the fabulous ones now available that can be placed in the center of the table, you all cook and chat at the same time, the same goes for Fondue or Raclette they are all very social ways of dining………this weekend I have chosen a Salmon and New potato bake, a great one pan dish, and a little starter with radish, asparagus and celery  with a creamy pecorino and basil dip !! And delicious garlic bread, everything can be prepared beforehand and the Salmon can come straight from the oven to the table, and of course later a little cheese and lots of fresh fruit, there is plenty to choose from at this time of the year.

dining al fresco 2

This is a great and easy recipe, and usually leaves your guests well impressed, lightly smoked salmon fillets add an extra punch of flavour to this great summer supper, but normal salmon fillets work equally well, add a little tarragon or dill, which ever you prefer. 

dining al fresco 3

So, you now know what I am doing this week-end, how about you have a great time !

Brooke Universal Life Coach 


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