Do you carry emotional weight, do you know what it is ? that feeling when you feel you carry the problems of the world and it’s wife !! or just that the problems are yours and yours alone, and come with 100 kilos, your shoulders are down and round, you have lost the ability to stand straight with shoulders upright and square. These problems can be solved, the great majority are helped along by third parties and not always by your own doing, maybe you could be found guilty of letting a problem flourish with a third party and not taking it into hand previously, but it is never to late to make a wrong right and to move forward, whether this is related to your work place, or your friends and family or even legal, they can be processed and released.

There are certain moments in our life when we shut down completely and forget to stand up for ourselves and let others cross a line that you are not comfortable with,this kind of problem can at times be worse than a legal problem, for example if we have problems in the legal department, you would transfer this to your lawyer and hope for a favourable outcome, you have your output and are involved in this process, but, the law is the law (not always applied with full justice i will admit) but we have done all we can to resolve this problem, which helps for us to release it and not let it weigh us down, day after day, at times we need to accept things as they are and move forward, the same is to be said of our personal problems, if you feel you are surrounded by various problems it is important to take a sheet of paper and write them down one after the other,number them and then start to work through them one at a time, this will help you not to suffer a complete shut down, when you try to solve problems all together it’s like putting your brain into a spin dryer, it can not cope, but by writing them down you can concentrate totally on one at a time

How Well Do You Know Yourself

Itis very important to do this by yourself,you can discuss these problems with others if you feel better, but do not let that third party influence or interfere inevery thought and move you make, family and friends can be a great moral support, but they can also be an added weight, for some it is a time for them to grow, to feel superior and try to take control of you and your life. You may feel that a friend or family would not do that to you, but some one who cares about can become over protective and not even realise the role they are playing, if this is the case you need to talk it through with them and let them know that you appreciate their opinion and help you are in charge and control of your life, as an adult person and not to be taken by the hand like a child

.There is a very simple but effective way to lighten your load, once you have numered and wrote all your problems or worries down, you need to go to the outdoors and find stones, the same amount as your list shows you, you then place those stones into your bag, when you lift this bag, you will see the true weight you are willing to carry around with you, as you start to work through your problems or worries and feel that you have resolved as much as you can and are able to release them, take a stone out of the bag, continue to do this, in your own time and pace, until your bag is no longer heavy, therefore you are no longer lifting and taking with you emotional weight with you during your day………………….you feel better, life becomes better,no matter what your problem is, you have to move forward,if it is something you cannot resolve, let it go, accept it as it is,do not procrastinate…………………….life is to short,if you start to think that the longer you hold onto it , the longer it will take for something new and exciting will take to come into your life, you need to make room for the new and the good. Take the time to do this little exercise, you maybe surprised at the outcome. 

Brooke Smitham Universal Life Coach


4 Comments on “EMOTIONAL WEIGHT……………………………………………………………………………

  1. Hola, buena imagen de las piedras y la bolsa , esto es tan cierto ! super ! me gusta !


    • Gracias, adjunto con el imagen y ponerlo en practica vas a ver que realmente puede funcionar…………………………….que alivio !!!


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