So, eggs, easter – whats the connection ? Easter celebrate’s a new life, Jesus after dying on the cross, rose from the dead, this gave us the insight that life could win over death, therefore eggs are associated with the Cristian festival of Easter. 

A long time ago, maybe even back as far as pegan times, eggs were used in pegan practices apertaining to spring. For many years eggs, are the symbol to fertility, rebirth and beginnings, we can see this in Egyptian mythology and Hindo scriptures.

The earliest egg, given as a present were normally hen or duck eggs, decorated in bright colours, later came egg shaped toy’s (17th/18th century). Then in Victorian times, we found beautiful silk/satin lined boxes filled with chocolates, then came the fabulous gem of all gems “The Faberge Egg” made for the Russian Czar and Czarina by Carl Faberge (19th century).

The 19th century show the first solid chocolate egg, this fashion was led by the French and Germans, they introduced beautiful artistic confectionery. Later followed by the rest of Europe,  and chocolate moulds started to be introduced, which lead us to our well known chocolate eggs of today.


images Easter egg basket

” There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate”

Linda Grayson. The Pickwick Papers”

Here is me, wishing you all A Happy Easter, Felices Pascuas, Glad Pask, Schoni Oschtere, Glaedelig Paske, Joyeuses Paques, Hyvaa Paasiaista, Frohe Ostern, Chag pesach same’ach, Buona Pasqua, God Paske, Boa Pascoa, Schtsjastlivy je Paschi, Mutlo Paskalya, Fu huo jie kuai le, Paste Fericit !!!!!!


(Please forgive me if your language is not here,,)

11 Comments on “THE EASTER EGG ……………..

  1. Joyeuses pâques ma belle ! Un abrazo grande 🐰🐇🐔🐣🐤🐥❤️


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