How tidy are you ? Are you aware that tidiness is key to efficiency….. when we live and work in an organised space, we are far more productive and creative, I also have to say that on many occasions a person with a creative mind, is not always a number one tidy person that  we know…………! 

When we are hoping for new things to manifest into our life, we have to make the road to it as smooth as possible, for example if we wished to have more clothes or shoes etc., it is important that our wardrobe space is neat and tidy, and the most important thing would be for it to have enough space for new things to fit in !! 

How about your handbag or brief-case, is it tidy, is it presentable, or do you live in fear  of it falling and your whole world falls onto the office floor, or where ever you may be……it can be very embarrassing to exhibit your personal items to everyone, or to open a brief-case looking for a folder that is mixed in with all kinds of papers and documents, the impression is very bad, but it is not good for you, you will become nervous and you are breaking the natural flow of successful things to come, you are placing obstacle blocks all along the road, …

Tidy bag 1

It is exactly the same with our minds, if we hold a thousand and one things in our mind, with no organisation or correct space, imagine how confused it would look in there and how you would try to decipher things for you to sound competent, confident and calm. When we organise and clean are minds, at times we have difficulty letting go of things whether that be a physical object or a thought, when this happens it is one of two things, it could be an attachment from the past or it can be a fear for the future, which ever it is important that we learn to let go, it is good for us to feel free and to be able to move forward in what you want to do. 

tidy bag 2

Most of us, would like to manifest more money, am I right ? well, what is your bag and more important purse or wallet looking like, is it organised, and ready to receive this money you would like to appear, if you are the kind of person that keeps receipts and bits of paper in your purse all mixed up with bank notes and  vouchers, it is time to clear out the purse and wallet, let the universe know you are ready, so ready to recieve what you are asking for.

tidy bag 3


So we now have a little job for the week-end, remember that clutter smothers and simplicity allows us to breathe.

tidy bag 4


Wishing you all a great week-end ❤


Brooke Universal Life Coach

5 Comments on “TIDY ? ………………………………………………

  1. I’m definitely the type of person who doesn’t like clutter but seems to accumulate a lot because I enjoy things lol I try to just make sure there is a place for everything and everything is in its place 🙂


  2. Great post, thanks for sharing. As it’s end of year I’m decluttering class resources at the moment and recently slimlined my wardrobe. I notice that the more clutter builds up the more I feel overwhelmed!


  3. I am guilty of untidiness in my room and purse too. But i do desire tidiness and am working on it. Thanks for sharing.

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