We all become angry at certain times, but do we deal with it in the correct manner, or do we let them hurt and damage us in a way, we are not aware of, anger is an emotion,and needs to be directed outwards and not inwards. If it is not directed in the right direction being outwardly, it will be dealt with inwardly and will show through illness and discomfort,resentment many things that can lead to depression, so it is very important to deal with anger . The obvious and best way to handle anger is to talk directly to the person that has caused this anger, however many cannot do this,but, it is by far the best solution, this does not have to be a big argument with nasty things said, that are not necessary, if you just sit and talk in a normal manner,but express that you were angry or are angry due to there actions or words, when we express the inner feelings we are letting them out in a positive way, you will feel better by showing and expressing your feelings.

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If you can’t face that person, one to one, you could hold the same conversation on your own, talk through it, as if you had the person there in front of you, you are letting out your frustration and anger and this will help you to feel better, again in a positive way. If this has been brewing for some time and feel very strongly regarding this person, you can also use a pillow and punch out your anger, again this is relieving you of your inner anger and it is released and out,leaving a space for more positive experiences to come into your life,don’t clutter your innerself with anger and frustration clear it out and move on. It then becomes a thing of the past and not part of the present or your future.

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Be happy and be healthy, never let anger or resentment stay with you, it will harm you in the form of illness, which comes in many shapes and forms, it is important for you and the people around you that you find your way to release this emotion in an outward direction, positive, let it go and let it take all the bad with it, everyday is a new day, full of possibilities and opportunities just there for you, if you are all full of anger, you will never see the good positive things that are just waiting for you to see them and act upon them, ..

Brooke Universal Life Coach





  1. Got some relevant points here. Anger can damage one’s peace of mind. It’s good to talk to person in face and let it go, rather than keeping it in mind until it explodes. Well written.

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