This is a really tricky one, self discipline , how many of us have it……. you can however learn self discipline. If you take a good look at people you admire within your circle or well known personalities that are doing well,are successfull,they will no doubt have great self discipline, the back bone to always moving forward and giving everything your best shot,your 100%. When we have a job to do, there are no shortcuts if you want a remarkable result. 


You have to work hard,to play hard, thats your prize, I personally am a list self discipline person, I find this a great way to keep on track and not loose sight of my final goal, by the end of my day, if it’s on my list,it will be done…..if you note everything you want to do or need to do within the day /week /Month or even year and you work through it in a calm controlled manner you will achieve self discipline if you feel you are in lack of. 

When you lack self discipline you will probably always have a sense of NO SATISFACTION this can be towards yourself or you may even blame others,what you are really doing is delaying your prize, when you complete the task you have set yourself,or has been set by others you will feel great gratification.We all have to do things that we do not enjoy or look forward to, I would suggest to help your self discipline, always do these first. 


Self discipline is also needed in resolving your problems, how often do we put of the time we need to sit and think of the correct solution,or put of the meeting we urgently need to hold,the phone call, the conversation etc., we always find an excuse to do something else,and at the end of the day, we have done nothing, this not only may duplicate your original problem but will also take away your energy needed for future projects and you may also loose a little or alot of sleep. How many times have you been awake all night with the current problem, which had you taken care of that during the day,you would at least of had a good nights sleep (thats your prize) I realise that not all problems go away that quick, I WISH…. but with self discipline you will feel satisfaction, 

If you lack self discipline you will need to identify for yourself where you are letting yourself down, identify what or where you would want to change. You need to watch your old habits,when you see a repetition in your behaviour stop,think and get back on your self discipline track.Another important point is your emotional control, you need to know what you want in your life and your self discipline will help you get there, therefore never make quick decision’s always consider every angle,in some cases you can advance decide, if you are going to walk your dog everyday, this is an advance decision,so let your self discipline carry this through, everyday exactly how you decided in advance. No excuses DO IT .

You can always ask for support from your family, while you are on your path to self discipline,if not you are responsable ,so don’t let your lack creep in, and don’t let yourself down…………………………………………………………………………………


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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