Do we really have a true understanding of fear, do you see the connection between fear and progress. When we really get down to it fear is nothing more than an obstacle that just always stands in the way of progress ! Sounds simple right, but I know it’s not, you see fear can shape our whole life, if we let it, remember it is a choice, we choose to let fear into our lives………how long it lives there is another choice we choose…….

When we really allow fear into our life, when we allow it to pull up a chair and feel at home we have started to stop so many things in our life, and we don’t even realise what we are allowing, and we do allow it, as I said previously it is a choice, fear will start to make a difference in everything you do, when you wish to change, fear will take over , and finally no change will occur, there will be no progress in your life, because fear has you where it wants you, you will fear being different , instead of wanting to stand out for your abilities and talent, you will fear even death, which is a golden rule of life, you will eventually let fear ,decide your fate on everything.

When and if we start to overcome our fears we can move forward, so, the incentive is high, and well worth developing the ability to override fear. when you start to feel scared, it is simply a sign that progress has started.

Fear can become your friend and if this is the case, then use it to pump you up and keep going, it’s your energy uel. When at times we feel stuck, it can be due to fear, the inner fear to really follow the path we desire, how many people,have failed to accomplish what they wish in life, and blamed many things, but in fact it’s fear, and we should look it straight in the face, if you never try you will never know, fear as well as your friend, can also be your enemy in your progress in life. When you remove that fear, you can forget about making the excuses with your progress whether it be professional or private.

So what do you fear ? Do you feel stagnation and a lack of progress ? Do you fear you will never reach your potential, forever being average, Do you fear being forgotten, a part of the past, yesterday’s news and totally forgotten for everyone, if we try to face the things we fear, it can be scary but change is good for all of us and also needed within our life, Allowing fear to stop you from growing , evolving and progressing , should never be a option, you should never allow others to limit you, regardless to what other people say and do or judge you, you should never let others hold you back . You will find as I have that living a life in progress means an ebb and flow of stepping out into the unknown of progress and adventure, all progress takes place outside the comfort zone , your comfort zone.

Never fear failure, if you fear in this way, you will be in exactly the same place this time next year, no matter how many times you try, keep going as you will find your success, it is just that some take longer than others, and depends greatly on your situation and circumstances and everyone is different, just never let fear be a priority in your life, don’t let it have a vote !!

The other thing we need to take into account is that , not all people want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility and some people are frightened of responsibility……….so again you have a choice, always choose the right thing for you, but never forget that this right belongs to you alone.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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