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How many of you are doing what you wish in life, or are you doing what you can, until you can afford to do what you wish, has finance at some point stopped you from progressing, have you wished to leap forward many times, but for the lack of finance stopped yourself, this is the case of many, and quite respectable to, if you have a family that depends on you, or your circumstances are that, that this would just not be possible at that moment in time, time goes on and we miss maybe that possible opportunity. We are or were taught in schools to work hard, to achieve good grades and to secure a firm positive job with a good outstanding company and to go forwards and make good in life, however we are never taught how to look after that life, from a financial point of view, we seem to spend more of our time trying to keep up with the Jones as the saying goes, we give our attention, to our car, our home our clothes, where are children study etc., we give 100% attention to status ! I am not saying that these things are not important,in the right context of course they are, but, we should be aware of how to navigate the open seas of finance and our “lovely new friends” called the bank, we think we are building up our assets for the future, but in most cases we are just becoming an asset of the bank !! Which I am sure some of you know, now, this is when I ask, and I asked myself, why do we not educate ourselves in our own financial future,I am not talking about becoming experts all of a sudden in finance, I am simply talking about how to obtain capital, how to get out of debt and lead the life we would like to lead.

It is the Spring time and a perfect time to sow our future seeds of growth, and within ourselves and are personal finance, there is no time like the present, I was very fortunate recently to be introduced to a new program of learning about our finances, I thought I understood it quite well,but obviously I was not even warm, I have been so fortunate to be able to learn from scratch how to navigate in this financial ocean, if you are interested in looking into this I will place the link for you,it is well worth a read through, then you decide, but you honestly can learn an awful lot of what we have not been taught before.

When you learn the simple principles it is easy to apply into your life, this is the kind of information that most banks, will not give you, remember they are there to make money, so by helping you become debt free is not there main concern,please understand I am not calling the bank here, but they are the bank, a lawyer is a lawyer, one will defend you and other will accuse you……..we see what we want to see, but we need to know how to resolve the problem if we have one, and of course we all want to know how to save………………………….we save for retirement, for our children or grandchildren, but do you know how to look after it ? It is not sufficient to just know how to make money, no matter how you make it………you need to know what to do with it to be able to keep it and save, this educational process will help you gain financial growth and progress within your life, and for you to obtain your dreams and goals.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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