If you were here alone in this magnificent universe, what would you do ? what could you do ? when you are alone, your choice would be somewhat restricted, you would have no one to share with, to talk to, to listen to, no one to interact with at all………….how sad, how lonely, where would your happiness be, there would be no love of life.

love relationship 2

Are you aware of how different relationships with people change and form our life, we have  contact and allow ourselves to have experiences all these things bring us quality and purpose into our life. When you recognise how these distinct relationships influence in your life and you appreciate these things, we start to see the importance of gratitude……….it really can change your life. It has been proven that if you live with gratitude present in your life, your relationships with family friends and partners can be much stronger than a life without gratitude. However it has also been proven that one complaint needs 10 gratitude blessings, for it not to affect the relationship, now we all like to complain about things whether it be out life in general or our partner, so remember one complaint signifies 10 wonderful gratitude acts, thoughts or words ! Gratitude in a relationship is what water is to a plant, without it, it cannot survive………gratitude is like magic, your happiness in your relationships will flourish and it also changes you, no matter how you are now, gratitude will fill you with patience understanding and kindness. 

love relationship 3

When you are with a person that you truly appreciate and feel gratitude for, you will have no reason to complain or want to change about them, 

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasure”

Thornton Wilder (1897 – 1975) 

It is also important to remember the power of our words, so every time we complain about other people or people around us, we are harming our own life, this is something many people do not realise, when you feel that the Law of Attraction is failing you, it maybe in fact your words that are doing all the damage………keeping you from your dreams…….remember you bring it back to yourself, like attracts like !Just love people for who they are no more no less, be grateful for who they are and not for what they have…….or can give you, make a point of exercising this gratitude and see how your personal relationships can alter and the change it brings into your life.

love relationship 1


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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