Is your resistance capacity at its limit ?Do you need a little help to keep control during your working day ? 

You may notice that some jobs, now come with the request ” Are you a person, who can control and work under pressure, can you resist time-wasting” but, the big question is how much ? The limit is when one feels the need to experiment pressure to feel alive and you need to find out, what is it that gives you that feeling ? Also the problem is there when you are continually looking for this rush and cannot switch of from your work, even on your free time, always thinking of how to make things work and improve in general. 

So, why do companies request this type of working force, when they are highly competitive and wish to win, when they are continually looking for lower prices and deals for their clients, which need to be dealt with in a short time frame, knowing that this is the only way the numbers will work, is working under constant pressure.

Pressure 1


So, the big question here is, How do we stay alive, keep our head above water , day after day, in such high dynamics of a working team, full of anxiety and stress, how do we keep all this from entering are private life ? When I have a client with this kind of problem,To avoid stress, I would guide them into seeing the following:-  Accept, which means to be in agreement, instead of using energy in trying to resist the situation. Once you accept the situation, you can start to analyse the ways to organise yourself better, give yourself a few minutes before you start your day to program what you wish to accomplish. Select, which are the questions and jobs you wish to delegate during the day to your work colleagues, in or outside of your work force, and which to eliminate and do, what you intended. Establish, the time beforehand needed to complete each job to completion , and take care with perfection as it may not be necessary at this stage and can take a lot of time and energy.Take Breaks, on a regular basis and make sure everyone follows the rules, every hour or so, take in big deep breaths and exhale slowly.Never Expect Compensation, for a job well done, as  sometimes it never comes, but, you as a person can always celebrate your triumph and enjoy that moment.Remember, that the company problems are not yours, if you take them on board as personal, believe me you are trapped!

pressure 2 

Try to avoid the following, as they are total time wasters !

To be in a position to organise, you need to know how to distinguish the difference in various tasks:

Urgent or Important

Urgent but not important

Important but not urgent

Not urgent or important,

The priority is always option a and c, Have it clear, no matter how much you are under pressure, that by doing  first  b and d, as they are “bandits” for wasting time. 

pressure 3


You will be able to find balance in your life, if you can realise different activities outside of your work place, activities that fill you with satisfaction which in turn will bring serenity. 



Brooke Universal Coach


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