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Finding the balance between your desire of freedom and our affect dependance is a difficult task, Can we love without feeling trapped, should we feel fear about loving to much ? and is it usual or a habit that we feel that fear when phrases like “you are everything to me” or “I could’nt live without you” does this show that a dependance on that person is showing in your love life. There are types of love that burn, torture ,and can be destructive, the fascination of your partner that hides a necessite and a sensacion of no air when they are not together, this can take you to a depression,that is only liveable when the presence of the other is around, when this happens it converts the partner into a drug,they are needed to make the other tranquil and calm.When this happens you have to look back to infant years,when this happens you have to look for professional help to unravel the problem, it usually comes from a parent in the situation of divorce, they feel they have been left behind and not loved, therefore when they have a relationship later on in life as adults, they may reverse back to their childhood and the methods they used then, this will cause great pressure between a couple and very suffocating to be in that situation. It takes time to resolve these issues, they have control issues and this is why they need to be constantly with the other person, they live in fear of being left alone again, so, the big question here is, Is this love, or is it love to someone who needs to fill a tremendous emptiness they feel , and do they realise the difference between these two types of love. This kind of relationship can only work when the part of the couple stop living in the past and realise that their partner, has never left them and maybe will not, if it is love,and, unconditional love is allowed to surface. Love cannot survive under fear, or on past relationships, Love should be shared in the present not past or even future. Live for today, be happy and love from the heart

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