How are you doing with the last post, knowing WHO YOU ARE, by the emails I have recieved I would say that some of you are very secure people who know exactly what you want and most important WHO YOU ARE, however I get the impression that some of you are struggling with this, and you know thats fine,we can work this out, remember we always have a choice,and we tend to forget this at times, particularly when we are stressed !! its okay to want to change your life,you have that right and that choice…..the same with defining yourself,stay calm, look inside,make your own opinions,and be HONEST, this is usually the difficult part, we take on what others have to say, its you thats important, what you feel and live through is the true you, and your inner self will tell you, when you give permission for that to happen. You will find that the skills,abilities,strengths,talents your gifts are all free, you have them, you don’t have to buy them they are yours for the taking, maybe you have forgotten your passions,interests etc., they can be the key to your talents, when you incorporate your gifts into your life, you will instantly have more satisfaction and happiness in your life,you will notice this change and also the people around you, your life begins to change into the direction you really want…… start to become WHO YOU ARE, the more the real you shines through and not the you that others expect you to be,a great weight will be lifted from your shoulders, in my last post I mentioned the amount of energy you use, being someone you are not, you will find a strength and vitality you never knew you had, and its yours, its always been there, but not always used or allowed to flourish,so give your self permission to be you, listen to your inner self, it will never let you down,it wants the best for you always,you have to learn to listen,take note and act. Always act on your inner voice,this is your judgement call not that of others.

So, whats still holding you back ? Do you now see what has held you back,that at some point you lost your way and of all the things you really wished to accomplish were put on the back burner,but, for longer than you thought,even totally forgotten,you lost your individuality the person you really here, well if you have been working on your inner self and have discovered who you really are, the road will be becoming more clear and you can go forward,remember your car may have petrol everything in good working order, but you have to put it in to gear to travel down the road, you could be at that point right now, you are ready and in gear, your road ahead is showing you your talents,abilities passiones,your new found power is pushing you to go, start your new life on your new road,and dont be afraid of the bends up ahead, to feel fear and to be afraid is what holds us back, so what are you afraid of, look inside and find the answer, if you feel fear people around you will feel fear, so find it,take it apart,confront it and keep going around that bend, you will find the extra strength,just how your car gets you to where you want to go, around the bend and down the confronting our fears we can resolve them, when you are yourself,and you know who YOU ARE,the barriers that hold you back, will start to disappear,you overcome the old fears and you will be  on your successful road, knowing WHO YOU ARE and what and where you want to be going.

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